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Class of 1990
Tom Adams Hello All, Hope everyone is doing well. Since my last message I have had two little ones (both boys). Life is good. I'm still living in the South Bay and still manage to see some fellow Spartans when the wife allows me some free time. Feel free to send me an e-mail. Take care, Tom

Joseph Atkinson Wassap homies! I'z still chillin in da south bay. SB in the hizzouse! I'm currently married with two kidz. I'm working and my little side biz iz goins great. I'ms makin all sorts of dead presidents!! Holla back at me!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Donette Beall Wow, what a trip. Well the people I know on here I really remember from Newton and Calle Mayor but I did graduate from South in 1990. Redondo's got the pic. I didn't hear about the reunion. I live in Santa Barbara and have for over 10 years, after a stint in Humbolt and Palm Springs. I've never been married and don't have any children. I graduated from UCSB at 28. I own a chain of sober living homes for women in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria called The Giving Trees. I also have been a celebrity sober coach off and on for 7 or so years. Yes I'm in AA ha ha ha. 10 years, bet some other people r on here too, lol. Maybe not, South High was rather tame. A good place to grow up the So Bay. Ahhhh the 80's. Anyway, take care and good luck to all of you. I probably wont make the next reunion either not my gig, but maybe, could be fun. Best wishes, Donette

Marianne Bedford doing well.

Benson Berro Update since South - Graduated from USC with a BS in Accounting and also a Masters. Work for KPMG LLP in the Media and Entertainment Tax Practice. Met my wife Judie in San Antonio (right after graduating USC) and got married there in 2002. We welcomed daughter Abby into the world in June 2006, and we currently live in Oak Park. Hope to make it to the next reunion.

Anastasia "Stacey" (Brodsky) Hasara Good to see everyone is doing well . I can't believe it has been 18 years already . Time flies . I got married in May 2002 to a North High Graduate . We have two wonderful children , our daughter 4 years old and our son 1 year old . We still live in the South Bay . I still keep in touch with some friends from back in the day . Looking forward to the next reunion .

Ryan E. Cupery welLL HI!!! BYE! WOW! YEAH! WOOHOO!! YAY! GEE Wiz!! YAHOO! HaHAA!! Doh! Whew! HEYo! Heehaw. F off! Huh. Hmph. OH,MY,GOD,BECKY!!!! pishaw,egad,ewe, Oi, what, 17years!?where, shiiiii, tisk, ouch, ehh, ummm, ok what ever, peace&chickengrease, Cya.

Cynthia (Dafnos) Villarreal I work as a technical writer for Computer Associates in San Diego. I love my work. I've been married for two years now and gained a rather large family when I married. Two of my stepdaughters live with us they are 17 and 16 yrs old. My husband and I are also in the process of adopting two of his grandchildren ages 2 and 4. I keep pretty busy between driving around the teenagers and chasing after the toddlers around here.

Chris Deamos Such memories!!!!! It's cool to read about what you guys have been up to. As for me, I still live in Redondo, (No, not with my parents!)with my wife Erin. I've been a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. since 1999.I still keep in touch with some of my old South friends. I missed the reunion, but I'll be there at the 20. Hope life is treating everyone well. It would be great to hear from any of you guys. Take care...

Chris Deamos Such memories!!!!! It's cool to read about what you guys have been up to. As for me, I still live in Redondo, (No, not with my parents!) I've been a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. since 1999.I still keep in touch with some of my old South friends. I missed the reunion, but I'll be there at the 20. Hope life is treating everyone well. It would be great to hear from any of you guys. Take care...

Ty Dittman Heyya & "Me-ow" =^^= !! Wow, time goes by so quickly! Soooo, life is wonderful, better than ever, takes you on trips that you never intended, but those are the journeys that mean the most and that you learn the most from, I've found. Anyway, I'm still keeping in touch with some of my South High friends, so they know my adventures. But for those of you who I've lost touch with, feel free to contact me and let's catch up! I'm looking forward to the next reunion!

Mona Elmanahi Greetings from New York! I moved back home after graduation (once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker), went to college for accounting, got my CPA license, and now work at Ernst & Young in Manhattan. That sums it up. Well, one more thing...not married. I hope all of my fellow classmates have had a successful, happy and healthy past 10 years, and I wish you all fame and fortune for the next 100! If anyone wants to visit the Big Apple, Mi Casa es Su Casa. You have a friend in NY!

Katie (George) Harshaw

Sharon (Hason) Hason-Tilles Wow! It's so great to see some old friends from South High that I haven't seen in so long. I hope to be able to catch up at our 20 year reunion coming up. After High School I went into the Army and traveled Europe. I'm now a fundraiser coordinator for a non-profit organization, married for 11 years and have 6 year old twin's and a two year old. Just wanted to say HI to all my friends (Elizabeth St. Vincent, Chris Portillo, Chris Morrell and all those who changed my life and am still in touch with.........can't wait to see you guys at the reunion!!!)

Ryan Heuer What\'s up class of 90? Whoops, I missed out on the reunion, not sure anyone would have remembered me. I moved to Arizona 2 years after graduation, and now operate heavy equipment for a company that does demolition. I\'m also a reserve fire fighter, I live 60 mile north of Phoenix and love it here. Been married once no kids, oh well, maybe some day. feel free to e-mail me, would love to hear from you people. see ya, Ryan

Eric Iwasaki

I moved back to the South Bay two years ago after living in Marina del Rey for nine. I have been married for just shy of 12 years, commuting to Santa Monica based Naughty Dog for nearly as long (worked on hit video game franchises spanning three generations of PlayStations), and my wife and I have raised two adorable cats. We are totally into snowboarding, I have an obsession with speed and technology, I am training for my first marathon, take way too many digital photographs, and still manage to spend a lot of time on the web (but apparently not enough to update my personal website).

Look me up on Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

Carrie King Hey y'all. After some wanderings elsewhere, I'm back in Torrance working as an archivist. My webpage is at and my email is

Andrew (Krynen) Doyle Not much going on here. Married with a Beautiful little girl and a new Beagle puppy. Otherwise just working the days away. Out of the Marines for awhile now. Hope to hear from the old gang...

Wendy Larsson Wow - I'm with Maria, amazing what you find when you're bored at work :) Just wanted to say Hi to everyone out there - it's been awhile. I missed the reunion but heard a few of the highlights. I'm in Sacramento now, with a wonderful 4 year old son, enjoying life. Feel free to drop a line and say hi, it'd be nice to catch up.

Jessica (Latham) Mead Hi! Class of 1990. I'm sorry I missed the 10 year reunion. I really would have liked to go. A lot has happened since high school. I was in the armed forces for a few years, got married, had a beautiful daughter, got divorced, and finally married my true soulmate. I currently work in the medical field in the southbay area. Hope to see you all at the next reunion!!!!

Laurel Latto Hi Everyone, I am living in San Diego working as an independent consultant on clinical drug trials. I have worked a lot on next generation oncology drugs. From this experience, I was inspired to use my art skills to start a non-profit called DonnaBellas Angels ( The purpose of the organization is to provide inspirational, healing art to patients or caregivers coping with chronic or terminal illnesses. The reason is to help provide the emotional healing that medicine alone can not provide.

Cindy (Lee) Hanback Hi everyone! I was just wondering if we were having our 15 year class reunion and I came across this web site. It is so cool to see what everyone is doing! I live in Alabama, been happily married for 11 years and have two little girls (3 yrs old and 4 mos old). Degree in Elementary Education but wised up and don't use it anymore. Work at a chemical company as a Storeroom and Purchasing Supervisor. Family still lives in Torrance, so I visit yearly. Keep in touch!

Rik Lestelle Hello to all !!!!!!

Julie Lockwood WOW! How time flies! I've been a Realtor in Torrance (& south bay area) for the past 10 years & absolutely love it! I bought myself a co-op (which is like a condo) near the Del Amo Mall about 4-5years ago.(when my husband & I seperated) My son, Brian, is 11yrs now & just started Richardson Middle School (which was Newton Middle School in our day - boy does that bring back memories) I'm gratefully busy with listing, staging and selling houses. Well, that's the short & skinny version. Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to catch up (or if you need any real estate help : ) jlockwood@remax- Hope to see everyone at the next reunion - till then, take care & enjoy your life to the fullest.

Julie McAleer Ok, thank god I donít have that 90ís hair anymore that I have in my picture! I still live in the South Bay (Redondo Beach) with my husband and 6 year old daughter. It would be great to catch up with!

Angie (Mcfarland) Kehoe wow time,where did it go?

Josef Melton I am amazed to see so many people here on this site. Anyhow, I'm married with two kids now living up in Santa Cruz, where I stayed after going to UC Santa Cruz. I'm a stay-at-home Dad with them while my wife works for a local government office. While it's far from what I expected would happen with my life, I couldn't possibly be any happier. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 20th in 2010.

Paul Meriza WOW!! Very nice to see that so many of you are doing well. Not many of you probably remember me but I remember all of you (cause I was in a few freshman classes-Hey class of '93)!! Done many things in my life but nothing like you guys. It makes me proud to say I spent 1 year at South High. Joined the Navy in '99 and got out in 2004 to go into business with a friend (coffee shop). I married my beautifull Sicilian wife, Sabrina who I met while stationed in Sicily and now I live here, in Sicily. I work for myself exporting Italian art. I would place my high school photo here but I had too much hair. I would place a recent photo but I have hardly any hair. Let me think about it. Anyway, I would absolutely love to hear from you guys. And if you are interested in Italian and especially Sicilian art, let me know and I'll send photos of whatever interests you. But for now I wish you all continued success and again am very proud to hear such good things from you all. Arrivederci!!

Jeff Messer My wife and I met in college and have bounced around a bit. We have 3 boys and are happy to be back in So Cal.

Terri Milligan HI All - I took the scenic route in obtaining my degree, but finally finished it a few years ago. BA in Geography from CSULB. I'm currently an outside rep for a nutraceutical supplier and have been in this industry for 12+ years. It's quirky enough to keep my interest. I live in Hermosa Beach with a crazy italian roommate in a building with more cats than people. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion.

Elizabeth (Mitilineos) St. Vincent We have been living in Tennessee since 1998. Michael and I have been married since 1993 and our two sons are now 13 and 10. I am still working part-time for the county's sheriff office and do a lot of volunteer deployments with the Army's MARS program (Military Affiliate Radio System), assistng in disaster communications.

Tocasha Moore

Chris Morrill So here I am at this ungodly hour writing and encoding... Taking a break, I check back here at the South High website to see what's new and there indeed have been some new (old...but not THAT kind of old) faces added...three of whom I went out with.

Anyway, here I am in 2004. I've been married since September 15th, 2001 to my wife Holly. We have two cats named Mr. Mojo and Zashi and in 2003 we bought a cool three story house house in Eagle Rock, CA (just north of Hollywood and Silverlake) where each room has a different theme.

To recap, I've been pretty busy since South working in almost every corner of the music and entertainment industry. I have a "day job" at the magazine Architectural Digest, but pretty much most of the rest of my time is spent working on my own music and entertainment magazine called No- Fi "Magazine" which I started in 1996 and has since spawned our own weekly online radio show called No-Fi "Radio" which has been lucky to have guests such as Elliot Smith, Devo, Grandaddy, and several artists from around the world.

I've been published in Ben Is Dead Magazine and Harpers (for my interview with Mr.T of all people) and currently one of my many side projects is screening films for The Scream Channel; a new horror film cable network set to debut on the East Coast in 2005 and hopefully everywhere else soon after. I pretty much exist with about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, but those of you who knew me know this is just how I've always been.

I have to say that I feel so lucky to have gotten where I am so far and I really do think that my experiences at South High are a large part of who I am today. I had some of the greatest friends (Tony Pavich, Jessica Latham, Wendy Larson, Kyle Daly, Brendah Lucero, Jennifer Traylor, Gary Rivera, and many others) and our teachers had such character (Al Ozburg & Mr. Sweet to name a couple). These were important people to me and I will never forget the adventures we all had in the short time we shared the same space known as South Torrance High School.

Ok, so I'm way past rambling at this point and I have music reviews to write. I hope I get to hear from more of my old friends from the SHS days and those of you I haven't talked to in a few years, let's chat soon. Ok? Ok!

Chris Morrow Some things never change. I still go to the river all summer and still live in Torrance. I'm married (Tami West High) and have three rugrats. Breeana 15, Ben 5 and Brooklyn 3. I love my job and do a lot of community activities. I built my house and do a lot of home projects.

Kristen (Mossberg) Revell Sorry I missed the 10 year reunion. I was travelling for my company and on the road. I'm VP Perm Operations for for Robert Half Int'l (Finance & Acctg placement agency) and am just celebrating 10 years here. Anyone need a job in accounting/finance, I can help! Now I live in Northern CA in Concord and been up north now for over 10 yrs. I still keep in touch with Diane Safah and hear updates here and there. Hope everyone is doing well!! I miss the good ol' days! Feel free to email me any time!!

Stacy (Mota) LaCharite Hello Spartans! I am having a blast reading through all of your comments. I live in SF Valley. I work in Commercial RE and I am a notary public. I was married to my HS sweetheart Dennis, but divorced after 4 1/2 years. I hear he is doing well,is remarried and I am really happy for him! I am currently single, dating and have no little ones. Well that is about it. Please feel free to contact me, I would love to reconnect with many of you!!! Take care and god bless.

Sendhil Mullainathan Hello all, ran across this during a bout of nostalgia. Great to see some familiar faces and stunned to see a lot of unfamiliar faces (is my memory that bad?). If anyone remembers me and feels like writing I can be reached at I'm also easy to find since my web page is the first hit when you google "Sendhil". This may not seem like much of an accomplishment but for a few weeks I lost that (very prized) position to this guy:

Steven Ondreck Hello all, I am married with a 2 year old Son. I have been a Police Officer for almost 11 years and still going. I have taught CJ for 2.5 years at a local college. I am also a grad student working on my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice/Police Administration with a 4.0 GPA! I am doing my best to get out to Torrance for the 20 year reunion, I am very interested in the "picnic."

Shelby (Padgett) Deal Good to hear everyones stories. I am living in Long Beach with my husband and two beautiful kids. (Michael 2 and Madison 6)I am married to a cop--go figure,. I own my own photography business, specializing in kids, and love it. I couldnt ask for a better life. I cant wait for the next reunion to see how everyone has changed.

Andrea Pandolfo Hi South High Alumni's. I did go to the reunion in 2000, and I had a lot of fun, sorry that some of you missed it, it would have been good to see everybody. My favorite part of the reunion I would have to say, was dancing with Eric White,'re still a hottie! : ). Anyway, I am an RN, working in the ICU in long beach. I really enjoy my job, I wouldn't even call it a is very fulfilling and challenging, nothing is ever the same each day, so I never get bored. I would love to hear from my fellow highschool mates!! I talk with Shelly Medina (Sisto)...almost everyday. (Well of course...but we don't get into trouble these days!!!) Also Jennifer Traylor (Donson), my buddy! Okay, well, God Bless and write soon people!!!! Andrea

Bob Peitzman I'm working as a computer graphics supervisor for feature films at Sony Imageworks in Culver City. I currently live by West High in Torrance with my wife and 2 kids. Like Halloween?... Link

George Pennington Hello everyone, just going through the profiles again, and noticed I needed to update mine. I'm still living in Torrance, getting married March 1st 2008, and been a pilot for Alaska Airlines for about a year now. I'm based at LAX, so I might be your pilot one day (I know, take another flight!) You might also catch me playing volleyball at Knob Hill, so if you're on a jog or walk, look out for me! Give me the Spartan hand shake or something... Hope all is well for everyone, and I'm planning on going to the next reunion since I missed the last one. Would love to hear from anyone...Bye !

John Phillipis III Oh wow! Has it really been this long? After H.S. I joined the Marines then kinda dropped off the radar, so needless to say I didn't go to the reunion. I'm living in Sacramento now. If by some amazing chance you remember me; weither you liked me or couldn't stand me, but at least remember me, I'd love to hear from you.

Ruma Podder Hi everyone, it is such a trip down memory lane to hear how everyone has turned out....can't believe we are almost making it to our 20 year mark. I hardly ever went to school, or even have a senior picture for that matter since I was behind the library doing illegal things!! I wound up teaching high school to probation youth (ironic, right!) and then took some time off and traveled around, and now just finished grad school and I am a therapist....I have been married for 8 years, and we just bought our very first home in the south children, but a german shepard!! Take care all and LOVED that I stumbled accross this page!

Christian Portillo Oh gees what did I just stumbled into! Sorry to miss the ten year reunion to tell you the truth I wasnít ready to see any of you yet! Hahaha Well after high school I went into the Navy, got my Nursing lisc. did that for a few years. Then, went on to become a corporate entertainer, which has been great fun and not your normal job. Which has allowed me to travel around the world. Along the way I got married to a wonderful lady and I am currently living in the south OC. Hope to hear from you all.

Mike Purdy Hey Guys! It's July 2007 and things are moving along. I missed the last get together but things are going well. Got married in 2004, just had my son about 5 weeks ago and that's keeping me busy. Currently live in Thousand Oaks, CA and am self-employed. Say hi if you've got the time!

Debbra (Rino) Larson I missed the 10 year reunion so hope to hear from any of you. Hope great things happened and are still happening.

Garry Rivera What's up my friends? It has truly been a very fast 9 years to say the least. After South I attended UCLA where after changing my major from Physiologial Sciences, to Bio, to East Asian Studies, I finally graduated with a BA in English. My time there was highlighted by a trip to China with Tony Tseng and Brent Takao. After graduating in '95 I married my beutiful wife, Arlene, and moved to Sacramento where I took a job with Enterprise. A year-and-a-half later I took an outside sales job with Medline Industries selling medical supplies to hospitals and have since relocated with the company to Oregon where I cover the whole state. I have 2 1/2 year old son named Roman and a week-old daughter named Keili. I have a website at C ya's!

Garry Rivera It's so fun to read what people are doing. The problem with this site is that we will have nothing to talk about at our next reunion! So, here's my scoop, graduted UCLA 1995 BA English, got married in 1996 to a gal I met at UCLA, 3 kids and 11 years later and still going strong. Worked for Enterprise for a few years, on to Medline selling medical supplies, a few years at Bard selling vascular products and now with Spectranetics selling atherectomy lasers. I also bought a franchise location called Dinners Ready. Our website is Moved to Sacramento for a few years after graduating so the wife could go to grad school, moved to Corvallis, Oregon for a few years and have been living in Vancouver, WA for the last 6 years. Still wrestling albeit submission grappling tournaments but it keeps me young. So between running a franchise, selling in my territory, managing the schedules of 3 elementary school kids, being a husband and grappling, I stay pretty busy. Take it easy.

Nolan Robertson

Cheryl Rosenthal

Jennifer (Saul) Wyrick Hi everyone! I'm also still in the south bay. bought a home in walteria. Married with 3 kids. Working as Registered Nurse now only part time in abulatory care facilities doing post operative care and just lovin life! Love to hear from you.

Kimberly (Schmidt) Burlingham Hello all. I am still in Kansas and loving it. My two sons and I have added to our farm and we are now raising chickens and lambs. I hope to have a few head of cattle next year. I am a social worker with the county I live in and love my job. I miss working at the school where I worked with disturbed kids but the pay is a lot better. I still chat with Jen Traylor and hope to go to New York to see her next year. Well take care all......

Lara Shackelford Hi Spartans, I'm looking forward to our next reunion and catching up. I see some of you up here in the Bay Area sometimes and back home. I live and work at home in Berkeley in the software translation business. At the 10 year, we took a picture of everyone from our Parkway Kidergarden class--I posted it here. Let's tdo it again in 2010! Drop me an email sometime to catch up!! All the best, Lara

Samir (Sharif) Caraway Please send me details of Reunion for 2010. Many Thanks Samuel

Melvin Shoats Halito Ohho I Just recently started looking for a school site and glad I found one It's nice to see some of the old faces from so long ago.

Christopher Smith What's up everyone. It's been nice reading about everyone and what you all are up to. I moved to San Diego after a couple of years at El Camino. I finished up school down here and I am currently, and have been for the past 12 years, working in the floor covering industry. I do inside and outside sales for a high end retail and commercial flooring company. Not a very upscale or high profile job, but it definately gets the bills paid. Steve just got married on Sept. 17th 2005 and has a baby girl named Billie Elizabeth who just turned 1. I am engaged and will have a wedding in Sept. of 2006. I live with my fiance Christine Eddy where we share a house in Pacific Beach with four cats (marley, maximus, francis-everybody calls him psycho, and afro-who is acutally female). No kids so far. I spend my free time, what little there is, mostly fishing and surfing. Oh, I forgot about the countless hours I spend whooping ass at FIFA soccer. Don't ask why, it just happend. Yall be good now and drop me an email. Late.

Tay Sneddon Hello everyone. After high school I went to san diego and graduated from SDSU. I teach U.S. History and World politics at Madison HS in San Diego. I coach football (shocker) and I am the head softball coach. I am getting married in April of 08. It sure would be nice to hear from someone. It was good to read all of the bios. Take care, be safe. Tay

Maria (Steenburgh) Jennings Hey everyone out there!! Still hanging out in the southbay, married to Bishop grad, Nacio Jennings. Have two little girls, a 3 1/2 year old and a 9 month old, they keep me pretty busy. Still playing soccer in a woman's league at Columbia Park on Sundays. Work for a friends computer company in sales, here in Torrance. Still talk to a few South grads.. That is about it in a nut shell... Feel free to email me!! :)

Stacie (Stutte) Wright Hey South Alumni, great to read all the messages everyone has left. Good to see so many of you guys doing well and enjoying life. I too am doing well. After South went to school and became a nurse, worked in several areas of nursing, the last was in pediatrics at Harbor UCLA hospital, where by chance I ran into Charlie Shmidtt, who was completeing his pediatric residency. I am married with three beautiful children, two girls and a boy, Janae 15, Michaud 9, and Sophie 3. I just got my real estate license and plan to pursue that for awhile. I have bumped into a few old buddies around the south bay, Jen Saul, Taryn Stellino, and Cheryl Rosenthal who by the way teaches in the Torrance School district. I also talk to Debi LaMotte who is a successful real estate agent in Lake Tahoe. Anyway, great to hear that all are doing well. Hope to see some of you at the 20th reunion ( Wow, that is a scary thought. It dosen't seem that long ago.) If anyone wants to email me feel free.

Jennifer (Traylor) Donson Wow! Nice to hear all the wonderful success stories. Sorry I missed you all at the renuion, I've been pretty busy. Went to medical school and started off as a Surgeon but after one year figured out a better profession, now I am an Emergency Room Doctor. I moved to the Big Apple (little too big for me) 4 years ago and married another ER doc two years ago. No kids but planning on one real soon. I would love to hear from you. I keep in contact with Andrea Pandolfo, Forest Kim and his wife Hyme and Kim Schmidt and a bunch more from the class of 1988. Contact me at

Maureen (Tryon) Cardenas

Wayne Tsuji Okay, so I've finally gotten around to adding myself to this. Well, as I ended up saying over and over again to different people at the reunion, I currently live in Orange County (Tustin, to be exact) and work as a software developer for a company that develops point-of-sale/retail management software. Real exciting, eh? Oh, here's something you might find amusing: I'm still driving the same Acura Integra that I was driving ten years ago! Anyway, you'll find way more than you'd want to know about me on my home page:

Julie (Vallery) Hernandez

Pete Wendt What's Up? I'm still around...livin in Hermosa Beach. I finished college at San Diego State with a Degree in Marketing and I work for Nissan North America in the e-Business Marketing Department. I've been doing a lot of traveling, I lived in Germany for 6 months and managed to travel to about 20 countries in Europe while there. Also, I just got back from a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand. If you want to see more...check out my website:

Melanie (Wilkins) Henson hey all. I've been seeing different parts of the US. Ive been married for 11 yrs. My husbnd is in the Navy. We are currently in VA but plan to come back to Calif. We have 3 beautiful children. My email is

Tiffany (Wood) Mehrmann

Eric Yonemura Hello hello, well as I finished my Senior year @ SHS I explored the Christian faith. Thanks to my brothers & sisters in Christ, e.g. Forest Kim, Brad Williams, Haemye Im & Mimi Hwang, I accepted our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. It's been a life changing decision, the best ever, one that I'll never regret. Through the ups & downs of life, I'm still walking w/ the Lord. After graduating from USC in 1994 I've been working w/ various companies including a stint w/ GoldMine Software until I got laid off in 2002. After taking seven months off to travel I'm working w/ my Dad in the family business. I've been happily married to Doreen since 10.2006. Doreen saying 'yes' to me was the second most important decision I could hope for ;0) ! You can find our photographs on Joey Ikemoto's web site. I hope to keep in touch w/ y'all.

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