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Class of 1984
Brent Adams Great seeing everyone at the 20-yr reunion. See you in another 10.

Jeff Anderson Jeff died in 1997. He will be dearly missed.

Patrina Baker

Tim Baker After 15 or so years living out of the area I find myself moving back to SoCal. I have been in Portland, Or. for the last few years where the people are right out of Deliverance. In fact, that book was written by a guy here. Coincidence? Maybe but Portland is full of gay hillbillies regardless. I enjoyed the reunion last year. It was good to see ourselves as the upstanding members of society that we always were.

Erik Balodis Hey Spartans! Wow how time flys! I have 2 beautiful girls; (14 & 12). I went into the NAVY in 1985 and joined the SEABEE's. Spent tours of duty in Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and War on Terrorism) Have worked in the Pentegon and served in Korea, Spain, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq & Japan. I am now out after 18 yrs and a few injuries that are being cared for now here in Dallas. Hope to hear from some of the ol' gang. I saw Chris Donnels a couple times at Baseball games & he tossed some autographed balls to my daughters. Thanks Chris!

Samantha (Barry) Newcom Hi everyone. Nice to hear from everyone at the 20th reunion. Still in the South Bay. I've been married for 14+ years to High School Sweetheart class of 81'. I've got three children, Amber 13, Andrew 11, and Annamarie 4. If anyone is in the Redondo Beach area I work at Longs Drugs.Well nice to talk to everyone. Talk to you guys sometime. bye....

Jane (Beckman) Johnson Living in the South Bay with her husband of 10 years and their 2 boys.

Barbara (Bennett) Matafeo Hello everyone! I am still living in Torrance. I work at Green Hills Memorial Park (cemetery)in RPV. I am married and have a daughter Analisa. Feel free to email and say hi.

Randy Berger Hi Everyone - wonderful to see many of you at our 20th reunion, and looking forward to the next one! If we aren't already connected on Facebook, please look me up! Currently, I live in Las Vegas and hope to return back to California in mid-2010. I am President/CEO of Cookee, a web development and SEO company.

David Brody

Martin Burke I can't believe it has already been 20 years. I received my Bachelors in Psychology from CSULB. I live in Long Beach with my wife and two kids. I am looking forward to the reunion.

Carolyn (Bushnell) Garza I'm up in Marysville, Washington (north of Seattle and Everett) w/ my husband of 17 yrs and 9 yr old daughter; I'm a camp fire club leader, program wide coordinator of the co-op elementary, and active w/ my daughter's competitive rhythmic gymnastics team and canine 4H. If only I'd get paid for it all but no!

Julie (Byrd) Tilley Hi everyone! A few years after High School I moved to New York. I got bored and joined the Army (yes that skinny little punk wears combat boots). I have spent 8 out of the last 14 years living overseas, but I'm back now and glad to be in the US of A! I got married while I was stationed in England. We've got no children, but he has two teenage sons from a previous marriage. Sorry I missed you at the reunion, I'll try to make it to the next one(if Uncle Sam will let me).

Cindy Carmichael Wow! This is crazy! Its pretty wild to see some of these old photo's. Life has been good, I never left the area, about a block away from my old house . I currently run a preschool in lomita and in the process of getting my own. Hope everyone is well and talk to you soon. Never got married and have two kids, one at seaside and the other at south. crazy world!!

Elizabeth (Lisa) Casey Hello, I am about the only one I can think of that has stayed in South Bay area.. There are a few of you that stayed.. I hope to have a 25 year reunion. I had some much fun at the 20th reunion. I danced with people I never really talked with during high school years.. It was really great to see all of you and your great accomplishments.. Hope to have a picture soon.

Natalie (Cauble) Bass Just an update: Granduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1988. Married in 1990. Moved to the south on Jan. 1, 2000 so my husband, Brian, could follow his passion of working with race cars. Got MBA from Cal Poly Pomona in 2003. Had a son in 2002 - Ean. I have most recently been working in the home building industry (you can imagine how that is going in this economy). Overall - life is good. Living on a lake in North Carolina is fun, but I miss southern California, friends and family, loads and loads.

Steven Chien Hi everyone! I am still living in the South Bay area (RPV to be exact) and owning a computer system integration business in City of Industry. (traffic sucks!!!) After getting my B.E. at SUNY Stony Brook, I worked for an engineering firm in Newport Beach for a few years before I went back and received my MBA from UCI. I got married in 1997 with my wonderful wife Carina and our son Christopher was born in March of 2000. I would love to hear from all the old friends from South!!!

Mary (Chirello) Brown Hi all, I am still living in the South Bay I have been married to my husband Mike for 12 years and we have three children. Justin is now 16, Brandon is 10, and our newest is Anthony who will be 2 in August. I am currently working for a major brokerage firm in Long Beach and my husband works for the Torrance Unified School District in Maintenance. Life is very busy.

Steve Choo Hey everyone! My sis Lisa sent me the link to this website. Ater going to her reunion ths year (class of 82), she walked me down memory lane - "do you remember so-and-so" - and it was totally fun talking about who we remember from SHS and getting the scoop on people she saw that night. After graduating from UCI, I worked some nowhere jobs until getting into computers. I have spent the last eight years working as a Network Mgr. for a dental insurance company and have been living in south Orange County since leaving Torrance. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me!

Erin (Clanton) Theriault Hi everyone! After 40 years in the South Bay, I just moved to Sanford, Florida with my husband of 19 years and our two sons (Jake - 13, and Sam - 10). We are loving it here, but of course miss all of our family and friends. I also miss knowing where I'm going! I do have my Magellan, so I don't get lost too often. I'm enjoying a much needed break from keeping too many plates in the air, although I am still homeschooling Jake and Sam. I'd love to hear from anyone who feels like emailing!

Amy Clute ...still in the south bay!

Abe Cohen

Eddie Conway I actually ended up graduating from Redondo Union High School. I did go to South thru the 9th grade. I can't believe I remember all these people. Please contact me so we can talk about old funny

Mark Conway Hello fellow Spartans. I got married in October, 2002 and still live in the South Bay. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion next year. Here's to the class of 1984. Does anybody remember who the kings and queens were for all the dances? (Homecoming, Cottonball, Sadie Hawkins, Prom)...GFBH

Katrina (Corman) de los Reyes Hey everyone! I am still living in the South Bay. I married in 1992 and have two girls. Devan(14) is attending South playing soccer and volleyball. Callie(10) is attending Seaside Elementary, and is also a great athlete. It's crazy how many alum still live around here. I see my brother Chris and Dad (Coach Corman) on a regular basis. Would love to hear from everyone.

Neil Crawford Hi! I came to Tempe, Arizona in 1989 to get my PhD at ASU and ended up meeting my wife, Michelle, and getting stuck here permanently. It's not so bad most of the time (when < 105 degrees). We have two beautiful daughters Elise (born 11/2000) and Esmé (born 4/2002) and I have a fun career researching biomechanics of the spine with neurosurgeons. I used to like to dabble in alternative rock music before my girls demanded all my spare time - see

Kelley Daily My life is far from average but there is some normality. Either way it is an interesting enjoyable one

Jim Delurgio We are back in the South Bay after two years in Orange County! I have been married since 1997, and we now have two little girls - Samantha and Elisa.

Jeri (Desposito) Fernandez Hi everyone, I am still living in area. I have been married to Tony Fernandez for 19 years. I have 2 children 15 & 10 years old. I have been working for at the same company for over 20 years. It was nice to see everyone at the reunion!

Larry Detwiler I just read through the directory (5/7/04) and was surprised by the flood of memories! I now live in Simi Valley with my wife Laura and the twins, Logan and Madison, who just turned 9 months old. After college (USC) I held a few random careers before tripping into the Visual Effects business. It has now been over 11 years having a blast creating images for film and television. I currently work on CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). I look forward to seeing everybody in a couple of months!

Tracey Dowling I live in South Carolina now. Anybody else transplanted to the east coast? The true "south" is a different world. . . not at all like South High, thats for sure. I've been here for about 5 years and working hard rather than having a life. 'Bout time to change that!! I hope to hear from some old friends from 1984. Hey, checkout too. Not as good as this site, but may help you find friends from other high schools too.

Chris Downs Remembering the tax-free years! Graduated from LMU with a Business degree. Worked for 9 years at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, then 4 years at Epson America. Currently with Vought Aircraft in the Supply Chain Management group. Married for over 12 years now with 2 daughters -Taylor is 11 and Erin is 8. Living in Rossmoor (Orange County)... Life is good!

Diana (Duncan) Behara Hi everyone! I have been looking for a way to contact ya'll. I wish I could have attended the 10 year, but I was in the process of moving to Oklahoma where I still live with my wonderful husband and 3 kids, Brooke 8, Wyatt 6, and Rhett 3. They are quite a handful. There are times that I miss all the many things to do in CA, but I really like the slow, easy pace of country living. I can't wait to see everyone at the 20 yr reunion.

Aileen Cori (Feingold) Moss This is awesome! I wondered where everyone was. After 10yrs. in Mammoth teaching skiing, I decided it was time for a change so I moved to New York City. I became a "waitress in the sky" for Delta Airlines, met the man of my dreams, got married, got pregnant -- not exactly in that order. Pat and I are now living in Hermosa Beach, trying to make sure little Olivia doesn't pull all the crap we did in our youth. Would love to hear from you:

Renee (Fekete) Ingwersen I didn't make it to the reunion. High school was a tough time - I wasn't sure I wanted to "go back there". I'm certainly curious to see photos anyone took there though! (Is that cheating?!) The update: left El Camino for a great career opportunity at a software firm in WLA. Married at 21, divorced at 22. (Sigh!) Started up a new software dev business with my current hubby in '97 and am still self-employed. Just moved to Huntington Harbour from Santa Clarita (finally!). Have two kids, Kyle (8) and Rachel (4). Life is good! Hope someone wants to share some photos from the reunion! Maybe I'll make the 30th, God willing!

Donna (Flahive) Romero Married since 1988 and lived in Torrance, then Sepulveda, then out north to Stockon for the last 13 years now. We have two children (oldest finishing 7th grade). I have gone from working with the YMCA, to pre-schools, ran my own daycare for 10 years, and now am working as an aide with Special Ed students in our local school district, while my husband is a Vice Principal for another local school district.

Greg Foster Greg? Greg Who? Oh yeah, that guy. I remember looking over his shoulder in Trig. Quiet guy, kinda shy but boy was he a cutie!! Did he even graduate? There's no sign of him in the '84 yearbook.

Tammy (French) Biernat

Kathleen (Fuchs) Stevanus Hello Everyone, It was great seeing everyone at the Reunion last August. I had a blast! In retrospect it was a blessing because I was able to see and celebrate with my friends, Donald Whitman and Chris Vogeler one last time. In light of their recent and sudden passing I realize how important it is to keep up our friendships even though we all get so busy with our daily lives. I am still living in Torrance on Reese Road near Seaside School. I married a SHS alumni, Mike Stevanus (86) and we have a wonderful little boy who is almost two. I am a self employed lawyer in Long Beach working part time and enjoying my time at home with my family. I hope life is good for all of you.

Winston Fuller

Steve Gain While I didn't actually graduate with the Class of 84, most of the friends that I grew up with did and I consider this to be my class. I joined the Army in 1986 and spent the next three years in either N.C., or Central America jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and eating snakes. I returned to the South Bay in 1990 and proceeded to spend the next 10 years bouncing or bartending at the local bars or skiing/snowboarding in Lake Tahoe to pass the time. I am currently living in Redondo Beach with my wife and soon to be two-year-old son Cameron. I work for myself in the construction industry. I missed the 20-year reunion only to see most of you a few months later when Donald passed away. He was my very first best friend and happily I was able to share a few beers with him just a few months before he passed. I hope to see you under more pleasant circumstances. Steve

Shari Glenn Hello all, It's been a real treat walking down memory lane with you all.I've been living in St. Petersburg,FL for the last 12 years and work for a newspaper called the St. Petersburg Times. I've gotten to where I can hit the porch almost every time!(just kidding;I'm in retail advertising.)I'd love to hear from any of y'all, so drop me a line at See you at the reunion!

Tim Graefe wow hello everyone.I'm living out in Az, married ,2 cats ,making a living coaching soccer and I love it. tim

Missy (Gregory) Garcia Wow I can't believe it's been so long. Couldn't make it to the reunion but it would have been wonderful seeing everyone. I live in Atlanta, have 3 kids and my husband and I have a business and serve the local hispanic community. Thanks Mr. Peterson!!!!

Heidi Gunderson

Wendy (Hamilton) Johnson Life is good, three great boys (Jake, 11, Chase, 9, and Luke, 7), and time spent playing golf, rock climbing, skiing, and in the water. It could only get better if my dirty laundry would just go away...

Kathy (Hart) Edman Hi from beautiful western Montana.We live in a small town,Stevensville,population 1500.I am married(14 years) to my wonderful husband from the class of 1983,Scott Edman.It's hard to believe that we have a child old enough to attend South High!Are we getting old or what?NOT!Just beginning to really enjoy our life here.I am a stay at home mom and also homeschool our 4 children since they were in kindergarten.We also have a horse,Calvin,2 Jack Russell Terriers(Astro and Foghorn).We enjoy horseback riding,fishing,hunting,floating the Bitterroot river and watching our kids play sports.Love to hear from some of you.

David Herman 20 Years!! Are we that old? After South I got my BA from CSULB in Marketing, and bought a industrial distribution business. I got married, moved to Redondo Beach, and bought a house. I got divorced, gave away the house (guess who got it?), and moved to Long Beach, where I currently live in sin with my girlfriend, and life is good! My business is doing well and growing! I play a lot of golf, beach v'ball and when it snows I go boarding! Well that about covers the last twenty years, See you at the reunion, or maybe I'll hear from you by email.

Lynn (Hill) Fox Wow, what a trip (only, not the kind I used to have in high school)! I've settled in San Francisco with my awesome husband Mike, and my two child prodigies, Hudson (2.5 years) and Joseph (11 months). I've been doing PR for several years, most recently at an entertainment company in Marin. Can't wait to see you all this Saturday!


Frank Hunsinger Sorry I missed the reunion. I'm married 14yrs three kids 17,15,14. Live in manhattan Kansas.Would like to hear from some of you

Perry Hvegholm

Hello Fellow Spartans!

Well let's see ... Perry Hvegholm abridged: I left the South Bay area in 90' for Nevada, spending time in both (Viva!) Las Vegas and Reno working primarily in mechanical development in the slot machine industry. Got married, had two great kids (1boy, 1 girl) bought a house, got divorced and I now live with my teenage son in Sparks Nv. I left the slot industry in 2006 and work as a mechanical engineer for a manufacturer of large industrial mining equipment.

I enjoyed the years I spent at South, although it seems that I spent the majority of my time there avoiding studies, getting into trouble and generally being a punk. I'm still a big kid at heart, but life has since (thankfully!) taught me some degree of responsibility. If you remember me, or just want to say hi, feel free to hit me with an email.

Andrea (Johnston) Smith

Robert Keating

Matt Kirmer Hey Spartans. I'm back living in the South Bay after 10 years in Chicago. I couldn't take the winters anymore. Working in the Tech industry in sales management...I'd love to hear from old acquaintances

Gina (Klempan) Coloma Hello SHS Grads, Yes, I feel old. My oldest daughter is graduating Jr college & going into Grad school! I have 4 fabulous girls ages 19, 18, 16 & 14, 3 of the latter are in high school now! Jeff, my hubby of 20 years & I live in Las Vegas (no, we don't gamble) but play with the idea of moving back to the So. Bay. We're self employed & own 2 businesses. Life is good. Hope everyone is well. See you in Aug 2004!

Sheila Kono Hi. After graduating, I attended CSU Dominguez Hills and received my BA in English Lit. I lived in Hawthorne, Newhall, and Northridge. I moved to Bellefonte, PA in July of 2004. I have fond memories of HS and it would be interesting to hear from my former classmates. I am not married but I do have two adorable twin nieces.

Carollynn (Kreutz) Cohen Hi Everyone! Trying to get used to these hot Simi Valley summers and my new beautful home {YES - thank goodness - it has a fabulous pool!} Been up here 3 yrs now.Working on my 4th novel & helping hubby run internet based business that keeps me a stay-at-home very proud mommy of 4: Nicholas 13-the computer wiz & future quantum physics/engineer, Milana 12-honor student/swim team MVP & percussionist, Lauren Heather Serene 7-self proclaimed Princess and self taught swimmer, and Cameron 5-the future fireman/astronaut & current comedian. 2nd. Marriage of 8 years now. Sadly I missed the last 2 reunions and hearing about Don W. & Chris V... Happily, I've recently got in touch with many friends from South Hi and am enjoying catching up! Love to hear from anyone else who has a second to email me! I certainly will write ya back!

Carolyn (Lee) Hokuf I don't know about you, but I still feel 18! With the addition of some stubborn pounds and major stretch marks (thanks to the twins.) Gregg and I got married in 1990 after I graduated from UCSB and Long Beach St with my teaching credential. Gregg graduated from USC with a business degree. I started teaching elementary school in Torrance. Gregg started working at a bank. He hated it. I went back to school and got my Masters in Education only to quit teaching and have babies. To make a long story short, he now works as a pilot for United Airlines and flies out of L.A. I work at home raising our 6 beautiful children. Callie and Parker 11, Braden-9, Madison-6.5, Dawson-3,and Sydney-1. God has greatly blessed us. We keep very busy coaching soccer and baseball and traveling to club soccer games. Very fun! Hope we can find a sitter so we can make the reunion. I especially hope to see all the families at the picnic the next day. We'll bring the soccer ball. God Bless

Jerald Leitherer

Marey (Lepper) Wall Wow what a trip! I left high school in my first year. So, I did not go all the way through high school with you all , but I grew up with so many of you that have posted pictures. I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and have now for the last ten years, I have 2 boys both in college and love living the small town life. This place kind of remids me of Torrance before it got so populated. Hy does anyone know if they ever dug up the time capsule buried at seaside in 1976, I was thinking about that the other day and just wondered.

John C. Lin So glad this site is available! I worked in the entertainment industry (Beverly Hills, baby!) and owned my computer consulting business after graduating from UCLA. Had fun for a short while before beginning medical school in St. Louis. I am finished with my urologic surgery residency and will be beginning practice in Arizona. I did a bit of modeling on the side as well. Currently engaged to be wed August 2003. See us at:

Tim Love Hello - glad to have rediscovered this site! Looks like this site is doing a good job finding everyone! I've been married since March 1991 (yes, to the same woman) and have 3 kids(yes, they're all mine!). I now live in Westminster, Orange County, California. To be honest, I didn't enjoy school very much at all. I wasn't very popular and was real easy to pick on, but you know what?, how many years later, and the curiosity is just killing me. I really want to know what happened to everyone. From what I've seen it looks like everyone is doing pretty good. Congratulations Spartans! If anyone would be interested, you can check out my CD at AND - Great job Byon!

Cheri (Madalena) Botts Well hello fellow SHS grads. I can't believe the time has finally come, 20 Year reunion. After graduation fron Cal State, Long Beach I went into sales. I retired as A Youth Marketing Sales Rep @ at Coca-Cola and became a stay at home mother of three little girls. Jessa 7, Haylie 5 and Maddie 2 1/2. My husband Eric is from San Diego. We have been married for 8 years now and are living in Huntington Beach, CA. Can't wait to see you all next August.

Julie (Maxfield) Winger Hello Everyone, Nice to see so many of us old timers staying in touch. Can you believe its been almost 20 years. Well since I left SHS I was married to Kevin for 11yrs. Our daughter, Tera will be 10 this October. Kevin and I divorced in '97. I remarried in Nov of 2002. We are currently living in Riverside, but planning on moving back to Long Beach. Im retired now and enjoying life with my family. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to hear from you soon.

William "Bill" Morrow

William Patrick Murphy Hello fellow alums. After graduating Long Beach State, I became a Police Officer in San Diego. I am currently a Detective in the Vice Unit. I finished my Master's Degree at San Diego State. I am still looking for the right girl. It has been fun trying to find her. Hope to see you all at the next reunion.

Julie Murphy Hello all, Wow what a great walk down memory lane after 20 years. I actually graduated from Cypress High School after leaving South in the middle of my senior year. Graduated from the University of Alabama(Roll Tide) in 1989 with a BS in Psych and in 1994 with a nursing degree. I have been a flight nurse for quite a few years and relocated to Rapid City three years ago to start a new Rotor program. Was a nice change after ending 12 years of marriage. Look forward to hearing from you all and might just have to make it to the 20 year reuinion. Julie

Laura (Murray) Medina Hey Spartans...long time no see. I look forward to seeing all of you at our 20 year reunion! My husband Mike and I have 2 boys; a baby born in May 2004 and a 6 year old. I am also a realtor with RE/MAX here in the southbay...

Elke Neseth

Debbie (Nix) DeVine Hi all! I attended the 20th class reunion and was wondering if there would be a 25th??? I live Ohio with my two children Rachel (12) and Ryan (10) I was married for 9 years, and I've been divorced for 7 years now. I am a "prisoner of Ohio" due to the fact that I am divorced and my ex and I have shared parenting (he is from Ohio) I kept the DeVine name for my children -- plus Debbie DeVine kinda has a ring to it! I was saddened to see that Donald Whitman passed away. I'd love to hear from any of you. I will update my picture later. Just wanted to send a quick note.

Luanne (Nobles) Miller

Lucienne (Nolan) Giacomo Hello all - I still live in salt lake city and have been married for 17 yrs. and have two awesome kids - samantha 10 and andrew 6. Looking forward to the reunion next year.

Paula (O'Raidy) Korges Hi everyone! I found this site and was intrigued to read about everybody!I live in Minnesota, have been married (Willard) for 14 years and have two awesome kids. Michaela is 8 and Christopher is 6 and I can't believe I will be 40 next month!:( My husband has 4 jobs and I am a stay at home Mom :) I do homeschool! Im surrounded by farmland and it is beautiful here... it is currently 8 degrees brrrr! I would love to hear from anyone. My family still lives in CA. and I get my beach fix once a year. Happy Holidays!

Lisa (Peek) Mirau I wanted to touch base, its been a few years since I've been on this site. I had a great time at the 20, (for those I couldnt recognize), I am sorry. I'm still happily married for 5 1/2 years. Brad & I have been together for 10 years & now have 2 girls, Morgan, 5 and Makenna, 1. We finally made it into our custom dream house after 3 1/2 yrs. Its all worth it now but, what a nightmare!! We sit on 10 acres on the beautiful Central Coast, in Arroyo Grande, Ca. I still have 2 horses and we hope to start a Horse Boarding business as well. (gotta pay for it now :))I was so saddened to hear of Donald & Chris' passing, so soon after the reunion. Donald was still pinching me...gotta love him. Trina Lagod had made contact with me & told me the terrible news,then. . .. poooof, she was gone after a couple of e-mails. Wher'd you go? Live every day as your last, with no regrets. Take Care. Hope to make it to the next one!

Patty Peyton

Sean Railing A few changes. I got a promotion and now live in Fresno, CA (yes, Fresno is a promotion). I'm still running 5 and 10ks, but don't have the time for a marathon. I like being closer to the Sequoias and Yosemite. My wife and two boys really like being closer to my parents who retired near Tahoe. That's the latest info, now the history-I graduated from CSULB in 89' with a BA in Economics and a minor in Marketing. Then spent 5 years as a stockbroker before finding the right fit at Enterprise Rent A Car. Feel free to drop me an email. Love to hear from you

Steven Raudman Not much since the reunion. Spending a lot of time riding motorcycles and not much time doing anything really noteworthy. Wish you all the best.

Tracy (Reilly) Schrier I have been married for 20 years and have 2 kids. Tawny-15 and Reed-12. Graduated from CSULB and worked for a while. Now I am a stay at home mom and living in Rancho PV.

Mike Rhind Hi folks, Went to UCLA and now work as the director of taxation for a health care company. I'm Living in El segundo. Email if you want to.

Janet (Rohrbach) Bautista Graduated from UC Davis (International Business) and then got my Master's in Business Administration from Arizon State. Worked for AT&T in North Carolina, Atlanta and most recently in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am married and have 4 kids. Drop me an email to catch up. Glad to see and read you are all doing well. Regards.

Bruce Roubitchek I Finally graduated from CSUDH this past December with a BS in Business Administration. Now I am looking for a better Job and have found it is not easy. Feel free to email me if you know of any jobs especially in the Southern Califonia area. I am still single and in my spare time I enjoy going to concerts, going to a few Dodger games every season and I also enjoy watching UCLA football. GO BRUINS Feel free to write back if you want. Bruce Roubitchek

Chris Ruddy while attending SDSU for 6 years I got a degree. I went on to start Ukulele Surfboards. (sold the business in 2005)I live in San Diego and Manage Real Estate. Married 17 years, 3 kids. My best memories of South were the Oingo Boingo and Surfaris dances. I still have friends from South that I talk to every week.

Mike Saunders

Tom Shannon passed away on the morning of 11/14/02 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. His wife, mother and father were at his side. Tom is and will always be our friend and I know we all will miss him very much. You can visit his memorial site at:

Tom Shannon Memorial


Stephanie (Siminich) Shinkle I needed to update since the last reunion. It's always great to see everyone. There isn't a day that goes by that I dont think of Donald. I'm still flying for American Airlines while being a wife and mom. Married for 18 years now to Jeff Shinkle(class of 77) Son, Kevin 13, and Emily 10. My step-son made me a grandma 4 years ago. Imagine that!! Im still the the south-bay so look for me on a flight to Hawaii.

Kristyn (Skeen) Dunstan I am currently living in Colorado Springs, CO with my husband Steve of 11 years, and my son Jaiden, who just turned 1 years old in April '05. I have two other boys who are living with their Dad (also a South High Alumini-Ken Hollomon) their names are Kyle 15 & Kory almost 14. Kyle actually attends South High and is on their Varsity Soccer team. Kory will begin attending next year, and is currently attending Calle Mayor. I don't see too many people from South High School from our class other than Sara Buck on occasion when we are there visiting family and friends in L.A. At the moment I do not work, I am trying to stay home with my son Jaiden for as long as I can before putting him in daycare to go back to work. The industry is okay here in Colorado, mostly Military and Aerospace. The weather is really cool here, and it isn't near as crowded as it is in L.A., not even half as much traffic, and the best thing is that the air is still really clean here! WEll hope to all of you at the 30th Reunion.

Kenneth Snavely Hey all, I'm living in Torrance again after Lomita, San Pedro, and Greensboro NC. I've been with my wife for nineteen years and we have two children, Jamie who is five and Stephen who is two. I work for Fedex as an aviation maintenance technician at LAX. My little free time is spent playing guitar, scuba diving, and other outdoor actives. Later.

Mike Sommers Hey alumni, good to see people doing well. I am currently living in San Clemente, Ca. and loving it. I don't miss the south bay and its traffic. I am married (9yrs) and have a son Anthony (9), a 4.5 lb. min-pin dog (named bunny) and a cat (named baby). I decided to miss the reunion, I hope it was fun. E-mail me at care-Mike

Claudia (Speciale) Mercier Hi Everyone! So fun to read all your updates! I had no idea this site even existed until an old classmate clued me in. I graduated from UCLA with a BA in '88 and a Masters Degree in Social Work in 1992. I met my wonderful husband at UCLA and we have been married almost 10 years. We moved up to the San Francisco Bay area in 1996 and just love it. I worked for a few years as I social worker but now I am a stay-at-home mom of four kids (8 y.o. girl, 6 y.o. boy and boy/girl twins who are almost 4). Never a dull moment that's for sure! I'm not sure if we'll make it to the reunion but I am happy to have had a chance to see what you have all been up to! Take care and have fun in August!

Tom Stamm Wow ! Time has shure flew by. It sure is great to read about everyone . I am still living in Torrance with my Wife (Minette) Daughter Ashley (12) and Son Tanner (4) and one more due 7/2003 . For the last 5years I have work for a Mechanical Contractor as a project engineer .Life is treating me good . Take care everyone .

Shandell (Strong) Winderl Hi Everybody!!! Just a quick not to say Hi, and see what everybody has been doing for the last 17 years. I live in northern California in a little town just outside of Sacramento. I just found this site and would love to hear from you. My husband and I were both in the air force and just retired in may of 1999. (boy do I feel old) We have 2 girls, Breanna who is now 10 and Samantha who is 6. Hope to chat with you soon.

Denice (Sylvers) Hall Hi everyone!! I have two boys, Matt 12 and Mason 9. My husband and I are expecting another child on January 7, 2003. We are living in Seattle now and have been up here for the last 6 years. I graduated from the University of Washington in June 2000. Love it up here, but I do miss the South Bay a lot!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

Melissa (Turner) Cortado Hey people. Hope everyone is doing well. Still alive and kicking. Been working for the City of Torrance for 18 years now. Been married to my husband AJ for 12 years and living in Long Beach for the past 16 years. Sure miss living in Torrance. Hope to hear from anyone out there. Take care.

Donald Vampola 3 kids and going, and going and going....... Living in Vista and loving it

Jeff Vigil

Chris Vogeler Chris passed away on December 18, 2004.

Brian Wagner I moved from Torrance right before attending South. I'm currently living in North Aurora, Il. I'm married with two girls ages 9 & 6. It was great to see all the 20 year reunion photos. It looks like I missed a lot of good times. Nice to see some of the guys from the Riviera L.L. teams from 78-79.

Tom Walker Hi everyone! Just thought I'd quickly update this site with the brief 23-year summary. After graduating from South in 1984, I went on a 2-year LDS mission to Switzerland and Austria. Met and married my wife, Carolyn, in 1988. We have 2 daughters, Marina (almost 12) and Karisa (7). Graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 1993 with a BA in International Business. We've been living in San Jose since 2001, where I work in sales and marketing for a Japanese tech company. We enjoy wearing our Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks gear in public, attracting the irate stares of Sharks fans, and we've booed Barry Bonds from the left field bleachers of AT&T Park. (All things considered, I'd rather watch a game from Chavez Ravine any day.) Best wishes to all the far flung Spartans thoughout the world, wherever you may be.

Elizabeth Walkup Hello, friends! I'm now am a veritable Seattle mom caricature: graduate degree, children (born 5/2000 & 6/2003) attending the local alternative elementary and parent-run daycare co-op, husband Greg grows organic vegetables in the front and back yards, both of us work as software engineers. Did my first triathlon and half marathon this year and looking forward to more. Contact me via my email address -- I am "ewalkup".

Lori (Weiner) Leskin Hello to all my fellow Spartans! I was so disappointed to miss the reunion, but since I did, here's my update: I travelled back east for college and law school, and have settled down in Northern New Jersey. My husband Eric and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this week, and are proud to be the parents of two beautiful girls (8 1/2 and 6). They are much more energetic and athletic then I ever was! I'm a partner with Kaye Scholer (we're on the web at, focusing my practice on defending pharmacetical companies in products liability litigation. Hope to hear from some of you soon!

Donald Whitman Dear Class of 84, On Oct 24 2004 we lost Donald to a sudden heart attack . He will be greatly missed by all.

Penny (Whitsitt) Portillo Roni and I moved up to Santa Cruz after college and lived up there for 16 years. I worked in the software industry for a few years and then after going to graduate school, decided to begin a career in higher education. I'm now working at UCI. Our daughter Sofia was born in 2001 and is a joy!

Robin (Yeary) Baldwin Hi everyone, I've been married to my husband Michael since 1997 (he is a North High grad of '84, but we didn't meet until after college). We have twin daughters, Megan and Ashley, who are true blessings from God. I'm a magazine business operations manager at IEEE Computer Society. We live in Huntington Beach.

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